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Our Farm has an ancient tradition, that hands down from generation to generation and it bases on the research of excellence and quality of the products. Our strengths are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red and White IGP Wine and Summer Truffle or Scorzone.

In our estate, there are also cherry trees and there asparagus and mushrooms grow spontaneous.

To our guests, we give the opportunity to dive into nature through different activities, such as olive oil harvest (in October-November), grape harvest (in September), truffles (in summer period) with our dogs, cherry (in summer), asparagus (in spring / autumn) and mushrooms (in autumn) collection.



Our farm has olive trees planted on the splendid hills of Giano dell'Umbria, Castel Ritaldi and Massa Martana, at an altitude of between 300 and 650 m. Their cultivation takes place through traditional and natural methods, without the use of any chemical drugs, such as insecticides or herbicides.

These plantations enjoy special climatic conditions that allow the ripening of the fruit very slow, favouring a low acidity rate. The hilltops also play an important role; indeed, they are rich in structure and permeable, allowing the roots of the plant to penetrate easily. The main Cultivars of our olive groves are Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino, San Felice e Pendolino.

The collection takes place in October and November and entirely through "brucatura", ie manual collection. After harvest, the olives are immediately brought to the mill to be processed in the utmost of their freshness and integrity. The “spremitura a freddo” takes place at a controlled temperature of between 25 ° C and 27 ° C, with continuous mechanical means, ie no interruptions between one phase and the other; thus optimizing times to benefit from the quality.

The result of this process is a very high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, green-ripe, fruity, slightly bitter and spicy, with high total polyphenols content (with antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous and anti-erogenous properties). Our Oil best represents the gastronomy of the place, made of simple, genuine and indisputable values.



As with olives, grape harvesting and processing are made through traditional methods. Indeed, harvesting of bunches is still made by hand, in order to screen and pick only the mature and best ones. Grapes are squeezed with presses of one.

We produce three quality Vines:



Our truffles grow in the undergrowth of the farm, in a clay soil, at plants such as Hazelnut plants, Roverella, Beech and Holm, ideal conditions for a substantial increase in truffles.

The summer truffle grows almost on the surface in the soil and harvesting takes place in the period from the last Sunday of May to the end of August.

It is distinguished by the pleasant and delicate aroma, slightly fungus, and for the decided but not excessive taste, which can remember the porcini, that is much appreciated.

To collect truffles, medium-small dogs help us; they are trained to feel the scent of truffles underground.

It is ideal for both hot and cold dishes, it is added at the last moment to avoid flavour dispersion and does not need special condiments. The only rule to follow is that it is always used extra virgin olive oil.


We organize tastings of our products, accompanied by local cold cuts and cheeses, by reservation.

You can also buy our products directly in the farmhouse.

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